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A Pet-Friendly Holiday

Some helpful hints for holidaying with your dog this summer...

Are you holidaying in the UK this year? Is your dog coming with you? Would you like them to?

That’s what we thought!

Now of course, there are some things to consider when taking a trip with your dog. As with the best of us, they have their own needs…

Does your holiday accommodation suit your dog? If you’re camping, for example, will they be okay with that? Have you double-checked that dogs are allowed wherever you’re staying?

Will your dog be okay on a long drive? Provide them with a nice comfy blanket, plenty of water and be sure to stop the car often so they can get out and stretch their legs. It’s also a good idea, if they aren’t used to car journeys, to get some practise in before the main journey. Don’t forget to secure carriers in the car; using dog seat belts are equally important to avoid injury in the event of an incident – even heavy braking can make them slip around and hurt themselves.

Is your dog fit for long walks? Taking in the scenery on a long trek might seem like the perfect trip for you. But is your dog up to it? Remember to bring lots of water out with you to keep your dog’s thirst at bay. It’s also helpful if you take regular breaks.

How are their manners? You know your dog better than anyone does, of course. If they’re prone to jumping up when they get excited, remember that this may not be ideal for others – be sure to put your dog on the lead when necessary and that you know where they are at all times.

Are they insured and microchipped? Perhaps this speaks for itself, but the only thing worse than your dog being in a nasty accident or going missing at home is them being in a nasty accident or going missing whilst on holiday. It’s also worth locating your nearest vets, so you can be prepared if anything does happen.

Have you done your research? A lot of this depends on what you have planned. You should be okay if you plan to be out in the hills most of the time, but if you plan to visit indoor attractions or old relics, check before going whether they allow dogs. Remember, you can take your dog away with you, but that’s not to say you can’t leave them with a local kennel/pet-sitter for a few hours while you’re on holiday.


Some dog-friendly activities:

Walkies – perhaps the most obvious, and almost certainly your dog’s favourite. What could be better than a good old-fashioned trek through a glorious beach or grassland on a British summer’s day?

Boating – whether this is a brief detour from your hike, or you spend your entire holiday on a canal, this can be a great way of relaxing with your dog. In either case, be sure to bring spare leads, warm blankets and towels.

Camping – a nice way to relish the great outdoors without always having to be on the move! If you do decide to take your dog camping, make sure you plan well in advance and don’t forget any of the essentials.

Location ideas:

Hay-on-Wye & Brecon Beacons – Hay-on-Wye, particularly suited to bookshop lovers, boasts breath-taking scenery, Hay Castle, Hay Bluff and isn’t too far from the Brecon Beacons – where you’ll find vast open spaces and more than enough walking trails to keep yourself and your dog entertained!

Pembrokeshire Coast – Over 180 miles of coastal walks, history, scenic beaches, coves and cliffs. Pembrokeshire Coast is the only UK National Park to be established as a National Park primarily because of its spectacular coastline.

Shropshire Hills – The centre of the border houses the Shropshire Hills – another area of outstanding natural beauty. Once again, there is some beautiful scenery; the top attractions include Offa’s Dyke and the Offa’s Dyke Path, Long Mynd and Stokesay Castle.

Gwydir Forest Park & Snowdonia – Gwydir Forest Park is exactly as it sounds – a forest of lakes and mountains in the heart of Snowdonia! It is home to a wide range of activities, tracks, old miners’ paths, cycle trails and long-established forest walks. This array of entertainment continues into the whole of Snowdonia too – main attractions include Mt Snowdon (and the mountain railway), Conwy Castle and Harlech Castle.


Whatever you get up to this summer, we hope you and your dog have a fantastic time!

Feel free to contact us if you need any advice on keeping your dog comfortable and healthy in the warm weather.